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Facebook Marketing: Boost Your eCommerce
Sales [2022]

With technology and social media growing speedily day by day, it is a hassle to keep up with customer expectations as an e-commerce business. If you want your business to run successfully on the e-platform, then you must come up with something new every now and then.

According to Statista, 289 million people have become digital buyers in India. Forbes reports that 80% of consumers make their purchase decisions, based on social media posts. Facebook alone influences over 50% of customers’ purchases. Thus, making use of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. is a must to run an e-commerce business to boost sales of your e-commerce business. You can also hire a social media marketing company to help you with all your marketing needs.

Since Facebook has a large influence on consumers when making a decision on their purchases, let’s start discussing how you too can take advantage of Facebook marketing to boost your eCommerce sales.

Facebook Marketing for e-commerce

According to Statista, Facebook has 2.93 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2022. Which makes it the most used social media platform worldwide. Thus, with a strong and well-thought Facebook marketing strategy, you can get the best results for your e-commerce business on this strong user-based platform.

Here’s how you can put Facebook marketing to good use for your e-commerce business.

Get started with Facebook

First things first, create an advertising account for your business with the help of the Facebook business manager. Which will help you to manage pages, ad accounts, and the people who manage them. You can also get it properly made from a professional social media management company.

Direct Your Customers Correctly to Increase Sales.

Facebook has all types of consumers, which is why it provides you with a lot of options to get your business more and more customers. Creating a correct strategy to direct the consumers into customers is a must. You have to design a creative ad, target the right audience, and keep a track of the metrics.

A creative ad is designed based on the objective and the target audience. An ad objective is the call of action you need your audience to take when they discover your ads. So, it is a must that you target the correct audience and select the correct ad objective. You can also consult a social media management agency to help you understand it better.

Facebook divides the ad objective into 3 categories.

  • Awareness,
  • Consideration,
  • Conversion.

All these categories also include various options.


Brand Awareness

If you are a brand that is looking not only for sales but also for your brand awareness among people, the awareness companion is the type of campaign you should be running. You should not expect any engagement or sales to be driven by this, as it is solely to make people only aware of your brand.


This objective is to show your ad to a maximum number of your targeted audience and simply showcase your brand or your product.


Consideration campaigns are designed to boost conversion rates and increase sales of e-commerce businesses.


Engagement campaigns help you reach people who are prone to interact with your ad. And those people can help your business increase post reach by making it displayed on the news feed of their followers.


You can choose any URL, be it of your website or of one of your product pages. This campaign is meant to help you drive people to the URL you choose. You can also tag them with pixels to retarget them with other offers of yours if they didn’t convert at first.

App installations

This campaign can drive people to the stores, where they can download your eCommerce business mobile application.

Video Views

The objective of this ad campaign is to show more people the video of your brand or your products and not to get conversions. It only allows you to share videos with your targeted audience.

Lead Generation

This campaign can help you generate leads without driving traffic to your website. You can get users' information such as their name, email, phone number, etc. with this objective of lead generation. You can use the collected data further for various marketing purposes like, emailing the users your promotional offers or retargeting.


The message objective here can lead your target audience to get into a conversation with your brand by clicking the ad, as it opens up a chat in the messenger after they click the ad. This campaign can help your e-commerce business to engage with your customers.


This campaign can help your e-commerce business to boost conversion rates and increase your sales.

Conversions Campaign

This campaign is meant to drive people to take some specific actions on your app or website. The correct target audience is the key to increase the success of conversion campaigns. You can target the people who have installed your app already and even share enough data with Facebook to optimise the delivery of your ads accurately.

Catalogue sales

This objective helps you promote products from your product catalogue. You need to submit your product catalogue to Facebook. You can also sync your e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc. with Facebook ads managers in order to make the process easier.

Store traffic

This campaign is to help your business to guide people to your physical business if there is any.

Keep a track of your web visitors

To keep proper track of your website visitors, you can generate Facebook pixels from the ads manager and apply them to your e-commerce website. Facebook pixel helps marketers in conversion tracking.

Leverages of Facebook marketing for e-commerce

Facebook has roughly 2.93 billion active users, which makes it one of the best platforms that can help you with strengthening the online presence of your business.

As we talk, Facebook ad campaigns are the perfect way to drive your target audience to your website. You can increase brand awareness and engagement too. All of which will help our business to increase sales and revenue.

It is one of the platforms where most of your customers will spend most of their time, which makes it easier for you to keep in touch with your customers. Which generally results in an increase in customer retention.

To sum it up,

You must have got at least a general idea of how Facebook ad campaigns are created successfully. It takes a lot of knowledge and continuous research of the market. If only used properly, you can successfully turn your ad campaign into sales.

If you are looking for a perfect companion to help you with Facebook marketing or any social media services, you can get in touch with us.