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Creating excellent projects with

Technology Consulting
  • User flow analysis
  • Responsive wireframing
  • Concept development
  • Interface design
  • Visual design
  • Workflow design
Server and Support
  • Responsive web
  • Systems integrations
  • Asp.Net with MVC
  • MS SQL
  • WCF API Services
  • CSS3/HTML5
  • JavaScript

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Why Should I Choose ActoScript?

Then you can trust us because,

Adaptive Approach

We understand that each business is unique, and your’s is better than Unique. So, We offer solutions based on the requirements of your project, your needs, and the wants of your audience.

Aesthetic Matters

We believe the visual aesthetics of the store matters just as much as anything on the website. Captivating visuals are key to making a website stand out to the customers. Our creative team of experts ensures to make your digital presence pleasant.

Collaborating Talents

We are a team of experts in varied fields working together to create wonders for you. We believe in strong team efforts in making the impossible, possible.

Analytical Insights

Insights are crucial to make a business grow. We aid your business with analytical insights to make better decisions.

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Workflow for our projects


Discussion & Analysis

We discuss the project with the client and analyze the briefs with the team to understand the requirements of the project.



After analysis, we plan the strategic and uninterrupted development lifecycle structure to follow to complete the projects in time.

Development & Design

Development & Design

Our master developers and creative designers use their years of expertise, modern tools, and technologies to create your ERP System.



We set up weekly meetings to discuss the ongoing & upcoming tasks and daily calls for urgent feedback and approvals when necessary.


QA/UAT & Deploy

We ensure ERP system quality by QA testing & ensure the end-to-end functionality from the end user side with UAT. After a successful UAT, your ERP System is ready to deploy!


Few Words from our Clients


It was essential for LaxmiBazaar to manage the minute details of our establishment to ensure smooth functioning. ActoScript made a customized management solution that makes our work a lot more easy and manageable.



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We help you create harmony within and outside your enterprise with our suite of capabilities.

Technically, ERP is a data management system. You can manage all the data related to your organization in one place. This data can range from raw material consumption, supply chain management, human resource management, departmental data, financial data, sales data, and more.

Using an ERP System, you can track the progress of all departments, create reports of your business activities, and manage the data well. It is software that your organization needs to implement in your organization or access through the cloud.

Tracking operations in your organization manually could be hectic and prone to errors. Implement an ERP System to make your management easy and efficient.

It helps you track the information regarding your purchases, sales, human resource performance, financials of the business, and report generation for better understanding. Insights of the reports are accurate and aid your decision-making process.

One should consult a skilled developer to develop an ERP System that fits the requirements of your organization. It is software that one accesses through cloud computing. One can choose an existing ERP System or custom-make it to manage the organization's data well.

ERP System is a data management system for your business. It is given that it should fit with your business model and requirements.

In the market, there are many ERP Systems, but they might fit your needs. Developing an ERP System could be a hectic process. We offer you transparent procedure discussion, where we develop what you imagine. Backed by knowledge of top technologies and best practices, our developers ensure efficient programs.

Changes are inevitable when your business thrives. As your business grows, data management may require some changes as well. Add features to your ERP System to manage your resources better and make decision-making efficient.

When you plan on making changes, communicate with our developers. Get insights and quotations for the changes to make the decision. Once you make the final decision, let our developers do the magic.

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