A Right Click,

For a Reason.
Our Mission

It’s not just our job, it’s our path to success.

As, a digital agency, We strongly believe helping our clients grow through technology is our only way to success. Thus, developing a website for your business or marketing your brand on your behalf is not just our job. It is our path to success.

Our Values

Simply put, we dare what others don't.


We believe it’s not only the hard work that pays off, it’s hard work done in the correct direction that leads us to the desired success.


We do work that matches our work ethics. Doing what we believe in, makes us want to work harder for it.


We believe in dreaming big, and working hard for it to achieve those goals. And when we achieve those goals, we obtain the discipline to hold on to them.

Diverse Thinking

If there’s a problem, there’s always a solution for it. You just need a fresh eye to find it, they say. That is why we seek diverse opinions and perspectives for a broader approach to tackling hurdles.

Results Driven

We won’t rest until we’ve achieved success. We recognize and reward achievement.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion are integral to our success

A collaboration of different ideas and perspectives results in exceptional results. We are a team of experts in varied fields working in harmony to bring our creative foot forward. Working with the best technologies and a healthy work environment, we bring out the best in each other.
Our unity results in satisfactory projects that meet the needs of our clients. We take the insights and suggestions to create projects that are your dreams coming to life. We feel successful when the people we are associated with are successful. Every dream matters, transforming dreams into reality is what we take pride in.

We, the terrific team of ActoScript

The synergy of experts in varied fields makes innovative ideas come to life. Our team efforts make us flourish. It shows in the projects we have created and the dreams we have given shape to. We are a creative bunch of developers, designers, writers, and executives dedicated to making a mark in the world and growing with the people we are associated with.

Here is our backbone, our real stars!

Captain of
Our Ship

Meet the captain of our ship, the sailor of our boat! Our Founder and CEO!

Hi, I am Kishan Vaghasiya. The CEO and Founder of the ActoScript. My passion for technology, Creation and Innovation drove me here, and is taking me forward.


The one that makes sure everything is smooth and sweet.

Hi, I am Jigisha, an HR Manager here. My curiosity about human nature and how it works lead me to be MBA in HR, and now I ensure that all work with harmony and peace.


Our business developers: who ensure our ship keeps sailing.

Hi, I am Vishwa. A Business Development Executive. Intrigued by the wonders of the business world, I make strategies to ensure the smooth sailing of business.


Skilled in encoding imaginative ideas into feasible projects, these geeks make us proud with every project done.

Hi, I am Swati, a Senior Web Developer here. I have a passion for creating something out of scratch and giving it shape with the codes and making it available to the world.
Hi, I am Krutarth, a Senior Software Developer. An MSc. Computer Science by qualification making innovative software solutions. Passionate in appreciating and making imagination come to life.
Hi, I am Bhoomi, a Senior Web Developer here. I am a Computer Engineering Graduate. I like to hone my coding skills and create web wonders for people.
Hi, I am Urmin, a React Native Developer passionate about refining my coding skills and crafting web solutions that amaze users.
Hi, I am Himakshi, a Junior Web Developer. I trained to create magnificent projects by writing the code.
Hello, I am Dharmik Bhuva, a ReactNative Developer at Actoscript. A passionate developer and a curious learner at heart, creating coding wonders for brands to reach their audience.
Hi, I am Raj. I am a Junior Web Developer. My interests lead me here to make digital wonders to let businesses shine.
Hi, I am Hitexa, a Junior Web Developer. A curious soul honing coding skills to make creative web wonders.
Hi, I am Dharmik. I am working as a Junior Developer here. I am a passionate coder writing code that helps me make ideas come to life.
Kuldeep Sarvaiya
Hi, I am Kuldeep, interning for the Shopify Developer position. My love and passion for coding have driven me here to learn and upskill.
Vipul Tarsaiya
Hello, My name is Vipul, Shopify Development Intern at Actoscript. My passion for coding has led me to learn the art of making functional websites in Shopify.
Jainil Pidhadiya
Hii, I am Jainil Pidhadiya working as a Shopify Development Intern. I want to learn the art of coding to create unique and functional websites and become a better coder.
Kuldeep Sarvaiya
Hi, I'm Arpit, a budding Shopify Developer eager to enhance my coding skills and create amazing e-commerce experiences for users.
Kuldeep Sarvaiya
Hi, I'm Jaismin, aspiring to be a Shopify Developer. I'm passionate about refining my coding skills and crafting exceptional online experiences for users.
Kuldeep Sarvaiya
Hello, I'm Kashish, aspiring to intern as a Shopify Developer. I'm passionate about coding and excited to create e-commerce solutions that make a difference.
Kuldeep Sarvaiya
Hi, I'm Laksh, a passionate React Native Developer eager to expand my skills. I'm excited about the opportunity to intern as a Shopify Developer and contribute to creating innovative web solutions.
Kuldeep Sarvaiya
Hi, I'm Archi, aspiring to intern as a Shopify developer. I'm passionate about honing my coding skills and creating digital experiences that make a difference.

The Designing

People who are responsible for making everything we do look classy, & pretty, & shout out loud with their visual aesthetics.

Hi, Om here working as a Senior Graphics Designer. I love to blend my creative view with the business to create a visual front for them.
Hi, I am Ami, a Senior Graphic Designer here. I have been embracing my imaginative thinking into innovating ideas that make beautiful designs.
Hi, I am Nisha, a Graphic Designer here. My passion for art with my skills in creating digital art led me on the path of creating wonderful digital designs.
Hi, I am Dhruvin, a passionate video editor. I love crafting captivating visual stories that leave a lasting impression.
Kuldeep Sarvaiya
Hi, I'm Brijesh, a passionate Graphics Designer eager to learn and create visual marvels for the web.

SEO Stars
Social Beez

Our social butterflies that makes us stay on top.

Hi, I am Dipali. Working as Senior SEO Executive and MCA by qualification. My curiosity about the internet leads me to explore its wonders.
Hi, I am Grishma. A senior SEO Executive here makes businesses connect to customers on the Internet. My love and passion for the magic of the internet lead me here.
Hi, I am Harshida, a Senior SEO Executive. An MCA by qualification. I love how the internet works and make the best out of it.
Neel Malaviya
Hii there, I am Neel, Social Media Executive at Actoscript. My passion for the wonders of social media led me to learn and thrive to connect brands with their audience.

Memories & Celebration

Our times of celebrations and memories that we cherish.

Brands We’ve Worked With:

Art & Craft Industry
The Craft Gallery
Aerostar Jet
Event & Production Industry
Fashion Industry
Finance & Service Industry
Food Industry
Health & Wellness Industry
Jewellery Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Real Estate Industry

Awards & Recognitions

  • Business Of Apps
  • Top Rated Software World
  • GoodFirms
  • Web Developers Clutch
  • Upwork Top Rated